DA Lodged with Council

Development Details

This is an excerpt of the DA issued to council for the development of a new dwelling (2023sqm block). The complete set of documents can be downloaded by clicking on the below links: 

CLICK HERE to Download The Complete DA

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“Council’s consent is sought to convert a former church on the subject property into a dwelling and erect a detached garage. The proposed development is to be staged as follows:

Stage 1: Conversion of the former church to a one-bedroom dwelling and the construction of a detached garage on the southern side of the property.

Stage 2: Alterations to the dwelling and additions to the rear of the dwelling to create a three- bedroom dwelling on the land.

The property is located on the western side of Oak Road, around 35m from the intersection of Coachwood Rd. It has a total land area of 2,023m2. The land is irregularly shaped with a width at the building line of approximately 43m and a variable depth of around 45m.

The property contains a former Anglican Church which was recently purchased by the current owners. An existing detached awning and shed also exist on the northern side of the property. The site also contains some vegetation around the side and rear boundaries.


3 Oak Road – proposed development plan



The proposal is consistent with the objectives of the 7(c2) zoning as it will:

  • Not detract from the existing buffer zone between the conservation areas to the north and west and the urban areas to the east.
  • Facilitate the development of a new dwelling on the rural-residential holding whilst not having an adverse effect on the aesthetic and scenic value of the land.
  • Not create a demand for the provision of additional services to the property.
  • Will not unreasonably interfere with the amenity of adjoining properties mainly by implementing generous setback distances.In addition to the above, it is considered that the proposed development appropriately addresses the objectives of the Local Government Act and its principles of ecologically sustainable development. This is primarily due to the fact that the development is seeking to retain and re-use the former church as part of the overall development. Retention and re-use of the former church will reduce the demolition costs and the need to dispose of the materials in land fill. It will also reduce the cost of materials required for the development.”


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