Why is this small block development so important?

“There are lots of small blocks here already. What’s the problem?”

It is a fair question and one we often get from neighbours citing other small blocks as precedent.

A professional property consultancy firm advised us on the matter;

“Up until the 1980’s Council allowed subdivision and small lot developments in the Matcham area. For a range of reasons, including escalating small block applications, Council rezoned the area 7(c2) Conservation and Scenic Protection (Scenic Protection – Rural Small Holdings).

Under the new 7(c2) zoning it increased the minimum lot size to 2 hectares for new dwellings. This can be reduced down to 1 hectare where a monetary contribution is paid to Council for the acquisition of conservation land. Small blocks with a dwelling entitlement pior to the rezoning in the 1980’s remain permissible. New dwelling applications must meet the the current planning instrument 7(c2).”

We have been unable to find a new dwelling approved after 7(c2) that does not meet the minimum 1 hectare (10,000sqm) requirement.

The DA for 3 Oak Road Matcham is requesting an exemption. If approved, it would be the first successful exemption to the minimum land size requirement for a new dwelling in the last 30 years. It will set a new standard, a new precedent for future development applications.

This week we have had discussions with several locals who do not want this petition to succeed. One is a developer with significant land holdings in the valley and at least one residential neighbour who said, “we are keen to subdivide, so this is good for us!”. For certain, there are many more pro-development residents quietly watching from the sidelines.

Let’s not reverse twenty years of work and return to the over-development era of the 1980’s. Make a difference, share this petition and let’s send a message to Central Coast Council that we want to keep the minimum 1 hectare (10,000sqm) requirement for new dwellings!.


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