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This Petition will be sent to:
  1. Ms Jane Smith,
    Mayor Central Coast Council
  2. Mr Adam Crouch MP,
    Member for Terrigal
  3. Ms Rebecca Gale Collins,
    Gosford East Ward Councillor
  4. Jeff Sundstrom,
    Gosford East Ward Councillor
  5. Mr Jamie Loader,
    Director for Environment & Planning

Let’s send a message to Central Coast Council

Stop Over Develoment

The Matcham and Holgate peaceful way of life is under threat. Protecting the minimum block size requirement of 10,000sqm’s (2.5 acres) is critical if we want to maintain the character and peaceful amenity of our valley and natural environment of the land.

It’s time to stand up and make sure future generations can continue to benefit from this fantastic place we call home. The only people who will prosper from this type of micro-development plan are the speculators, leaving the community behind to live with the consequences.

All eyes are on this tiny yet high profile site at 3 Oak Road, Matcham. With so many tremendous constraints on the block, both natural hazards and town planning requirements, it is both inconceivable yet somehow still possible that a development proposal could be allowed to proceed. And if it does, it will stand as a permanent Council monument declaring:

“Our valley is officially open for development!”.

We need to use our voices to tell Council that they cannot ignore essential regulations simply to satisfying a few. This is a pivotal moment. We can make a difference and stop this over development plan before it sets a dangerous precedent, or we can let it pass unchallenged and accept this key marker in our valleys’ march toward suburban expansion. The choice is ours!

Let’s stand united as a community and shape our future together.



Petition by,
Save Our Valley Community Group


Dear Ms Smith,


On behalf of [INSERT PETITION NO.] supporters, neighbours and friends of the community of the Matcham and Holgate valleys, we request Central Coast Council (CCC) enforce planning regulations and oppose any development applications that do not comply, that do not maintain the peaceful amenity and character of this locality and that adversely affect the natural environment of the land.

Newcastle Diocese of the Anglican Church has recently sold to one or two of its members the property at 3 Oak Road, Matcham (the Land), on the corner with Coachwood Road.

The purchasers propose building a house in the north-west area of the approx. 0.2 ha Land, which is zoned 7(c2) (proposed E4).  As you will be aware, both zones require 2 ha/lot.  We anticipate that Council will receive a Development Application shortly, but wish to bring to your attention at an early stage some difficulties with this whole concept.

  1. The Land was gifted by a member of a local farming family (Heyne’s) for the purpose of a church as a memorial to those who fell in World War I. The Foundation Stone laid in 1925 reminds the community of those who gave their lives for others.  The Heyne’s family made clear their wishes, that the land was a gift to the community and envisaged a Church on that spot for all time.
  2. The Land is about one-tenth of the size required for a lot in this area: any attempt at an increase in density should be resisted as being contrary to the expansive rural residential character of Matcham and Holgate, as documented in the LEP and DCP.
  3. The Land does not have a dwelling entitlement and a residential building has never existed on the Land.
  4. All of the Land is bushfire prone.
  5. From the northern boundary southwards, one-quarter of the Land is covered with mature vegetation and acid sulphate soil.
  6. The Land is low-lying, in a natural floodplain and part of the Erina Creek tributary. The western half of the Land floods, even though the whole property has been roughly filled up by 1m or more in depth. The fill is irregular, subsided in parts and should be removed to mitigate its flood effect on the rest of the neighbouring floodplain and return the Land to its natural function as a water catchment area.  At the very least, a geotechnical report should be conducted as the landfill appears to ooze contamination into floodwaters which are carried across multiple properties and into Erina Creek.
  7. The south-eastern (flood-free, vegetation-free, acid-sulphate-free) area of the Land is too close to the road intersection for a new house to achieve the peaceful amenity and character of this locality.
  8. Any residential driveway on the Land would magnify the already congested intersection which has two public bus stops with bi-directional blind corners, daily parental drop-off and pick-up zones for multiple school services, acts as a community carpark for 20 to 50 cars and trucks per day and is also used as a local dumping area.
  9. Any development of the Land would dramatically impact neighbouring privacy and adversely affect the aesthetic and scenic value of the surrounding area.
  10. So far, [INSERT PETITION NO] neighbours have signed a petition opposing any residential development on the Land.

That is, this well known, high-profile very small block is tremendously constrained as to the purpose of its creation (for remembrance) and donation for community purposes, as well as through natural hazards and town planning requirements.

While acknowledging that the State’s population growth puts pressure on Council to produce more houses, some land for historical, cultural, location or natural reasons should never be developed further than its current state.  This site, by any measure of common sense, environmental and local governing law, is an exemplary example.

Should Council approve a development application on the Land, the building will stand as a permanent monument to residents, investors and speculators – “Anything goes, regulations are easily overcome and Matcham is now open for development.


The community requests refusal of any attempt to develop the land for anything other than a community (and memorial) purpose.  We would be pleased to discuss with the purchasers and with Council what the property’s best use, ownership, and most appropriate zone would be in the long term.

Yours sincerely


Save Our Valley Community Group


The History of the Church Information

A group of dedicated locals from the Matcham and Holgate community have created a beautiful website to record the history, past and present, of St George’s Church at 3 Oak Road, Matcham. We encourage everyone to click on the link below and take-in some of the amazing historical stories that surround this important landmark.

Did you know that local families joined together each year for carols by candlelight, and sometimes even fireworks!

Read More..

Join Us and Together We Can Make a Difference Call to Action

The Save Our Valley petition is officially launched! Get behind this community initiative to save Matcham and Holgate from inappropriate development. Council must maintain the peaceful amenity and character of these immensely important valleys. If not, we risk a future where anything goes, regulations are easily overcome and Matcham/Holgate is officially declared; now open for development!


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